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Social Innovation Program

Wise Initiative is a new UK based project founded in 2016 by Aneeqa Malik.  Aneeqa started the project after her experience of delivering a similar project funded by the European Union under Q4I (Quest for Integration). Wise Initiative is an ethnic minority-led social enterprise for women empowerment and to enable them to achieve their goals in life.  The aim of the project is to work with women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities who are from disadvantaged and facing multiple barriers that affect their ability to engage in employment and other community-based activities.


Empowering women initiative

Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.

Empowering women is a worldwide recognised initiative involving enabling women especially from marginalised backgrounds


The United Nations Global compact offers guidance principles for empowering women some of which match aims of Wise Initiative ( These include;


  • Promoting education, training and professional development for women

  • Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women

  • Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy

Strategic Management 

The Loop Global Management has been working closely with Akhuwat Foundation, the world's largest interest-free loans (Qard-e-Hasan) Trust. 

The project explores how Akhuwat, an alternative model to conventional Microfinance, inspired by Mawakhat (Brotherhood) concept, and acting as a catalytic transformation agent, can activate a community of micro-entrepreneurs / borrowers as well as its 4000 employees and a community of volunteers to participate in collectively co-creating a ‘So(U)l-idarity Economy’ to provide a solution for not only poverty alleviation, but can also play a significant role in taking a lead in institutionalising social innovation in a local-spiritual-cultural-global context, thereafter setting up the first-ever Integral Soulidarity Research Academy, emerging from the East.

The project proposes to merge and transform Akhuwat's brotherhood philosophy to Integrality by re-emerging as a ‘4 world’s centric Integral Enterprise by applying Integral Worlds 4 R's & 4C's processes, a pioneering approach for the holistic development of individuals, organisations, communities and societies which serves to address imbalances – within an individual, organisation, community and or society, but also within specific fields, such as economics, enterprise, or human development. Integral Worlds initiates processes of healing and holistic realignment by activating all the complementary parts of any human system, such as nature and community; culture and consciousness; science, systems, and technology; as well as enterprise, economics, and politics. Starting and continuous focal point of any transformation process within an Integral Worlds perspective is the inner core of the individual or collective entity, its deepest value base, spiritual and moral source.​

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